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LA Limo Service in Los Angeles CA- LAX Terminals



We make more trips to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) than any other airport in Southern California.

Even though airports do not require authorization to drop off passengers, they require transportation companies to have airport's prior authorization to pick up passengers.  Some airport also require an airport fee each time a transportation company picks up a passenger there. 


Flight Arrivals

We obtain flight arrival time updates several times, for every arriving passenger.  We do this by Internet or by calling the airlines flight information system directly.

Even though all airlines provide flight arrival time updates, it should be noted however that, such updates are only estimates.  In addition, most  arrival time estimates are only landing time estimates, not adjusted for the ground traffic ahead of the gate at large airports. 

Flight information systems do not provide definite gate number or carrousel number information.  Drivers obtain these information from the monitors at the airports.  Gates airplanes actually park at are subject to last minute availability.  Regretfully, sometimes airlines do not announce the last minute gate changes, causing drivers to wait at different gate.  

Our experience helps every day to overcome these problems. Our passengers don't need to worry about variations in their actual flight arrival time, as long as they keep the same flight number.  We guarantee having a car for our passenger, at no extra cost, as long as their actual arrival time is within one hour of the originally scheduled arrival time.  We often need to reschedule and reassign another car if the actual arrival time is more than an hour after the originally scheduled arrival time.  A rescheduling fee applies, unless rescheduled on the previous day.


Our Standard Procedure

Driver, assigned your job, will pay an airport fee, to airports charging such fee, before entering the airport.  Your assigned vehicle is then parked, at the closest available parking, at least fifteen minutes before your plane lands.  Your driver, depending on your type of pick up,  will either go to the gate, go to the  carrousel at the baggage claim or stay in the car waiting for you to call.

We provide three airport pick up types for domestic arrivals.  Airport pick up types vary depending on where we are to meet our passenger.  

  •     Meeting at  Baggage Claim Carrousel (Domestic Arrival)
  •     Curb Pick up (Domestic Arrival)
  •     Arrival Lobby (International Arrival)
  •     By the airplane (Chartered)

Our airport pick up rate is the same for all domestic pick up types.  Our airport pick up rate (for domestic arrivals) is actually the same as its corresponding local pick up, from home to the airport for example.

International arrival pick ups require more driver's time than domestic arrival pick ups.  This is due to the fact that international passengers go through immigration and custom procedures while the driver is waiting. Please see list of extra charges for international pick ups.


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