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Limousine Rancho Park Los Angeles, Los Angeles Rancho Park , Rancho Park LAX, LAX Rancho Park

City of Rancho Park

Population : 4,556 (2008)
Median Income: $ 69,724 (2008)
Elevation : 192 feet
City's Area: 0.6 Square Miles

Average temperature:
Highest: 67-63 *F
Lowest: 57-50 *F

Airport Distances:
John Wayne Airport: 48.6 Mi.
LAX Airport : 12.2 Mi.
Ontario Airport : 52.8 Mi.

Rancho Park is a small district in western Los Angeles, California. In phone books it is sometimes called Home Junction.

It is bordered by Palms on the south, West Los Angeles on the west, Westwood on the northwest, Cheviot Hills on the Southeast and South Robertson on the east. The district's boundaries, while somewhat ill-defined, are generally considered to be the San Diego Freeway (I-405) on the west, Olympic Boulevard on the north, Manning Avenue (south of Pico Boulevard) and Beverly Glen Boulevard (north of Pico) on the east, and the Santa Monica Freeway (I-10) on the south. (Los Angeles City signs mark Olympic Boulevard as the district's northern boundary.) Major thoroughfares include Pico, Westwood, Olympic, Sepulveda, and Beverly Glen Boulevards, nearby Santa Monica Boulevard, along with Overland and Manning Avenues.

The name
Rancho Park was named by area boosters after World War II.

"We thought it was about time to have our own community. We must separate ourselves from Westwood. There were many names suggested for our new community but there was a pioneer real estate broker here who had established his office on Pico near Manning back in 1927. His name was Bill Heyler. Bill did as much as any other one person to develop the area; so when it came time to adopting a name for the community, the wisdom of our pioneer was in counsel. The honor of naming this community 'Rancho Park' went to Bill Heyler."

— Gail B. McKay, quoted in "History of the Golden Westside, Book One, by Ralph Brogdon, The Rancho Park Story, Chapter One," Citizen-News, August 31, 1967.

The neighborhood
Rancho Park was developed in the 1920s as a middle-class area, and most of its housing stock consists of modestly sized Spanish Colonial bungalows and ranch houses. Apart from the heavily traveled stretch of Pico Boulevard (including the Westside Pavilion shopping mall) in its central portions, the district has a notably quiet, suburban feel. The district's streets are equipped with faux 19th-century streetlights and feature large deciduous trees in the strips between the sidewalk and the street. (Rancho Park is one of the few districts in Los Angeles where fall foliage can be seen.) While not as upscale as Cheviot Hills or Brentwood, it is generally a fairly affluent area.

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