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California Science Center
California Science Center


California Science Center

The California Science Center (sometimes spelled California ScienCenter) is a state agency and museum located in Exposition Park, Los Angeles. Billed as the West Coast's largest hands-on science center, the California ScienCenter is a public-private partnership between the State and the California Science Center Foundation. The museum is also an affiliate in the Smithsonian Affiliations program.

Formerly known as the California Museum of Science and Industry, the Museum was remodeled in 1998 as the California Science Center. Currently it consists of the IMAX Theater, the Sketch Foundation Gallery - Air and Space Exhibits (formerly Aerospace Hall) and the Science Center itself - including the March 2010 opening of the Ecosystems exhibition wing.

The California Science Center hosts the California State Science Fair annually.

Once decommissioning of the orbiter is complete, the center will receive the Space Shuttle Endeavour.


Partial list of vehicles on display as of June 2010


* Douglas DC-8 jetliner

* Lockheed F-104D Starfighter

* Lockheed A-12 Blackbird Oxcart two-seater trainer Serial Number 60-6927

* Replica Bell X-1 (movie prop from The Right Stuff)

* 1929 Velie Monocoupe

* Northrop T-38 Talon Jet Trainer

* Northrop F-20 Tigershark


Manned Spacecraft:

* Capsule for Mercury-Redstone 2 which carried Ham the Chimp into space

* Capsule for Gemini 11

* Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Command Module


Robotic Spacecraft:

* Engineering prototype for Viking Lander

* Cassini-Huygens planetary probe

* Pioneer 10 planetary probe

* Mariner IV planetary probe

* Pioneer-Venus planetary probe



*In 1993, the Museum decided on a long-term renovation and transformation of its role from a science museum to a science education facility. This new *facility would be known as the California Science Center. The master plan for this facility would be executed in three phases:


Phase I

* Redesign of the main building (Howard F. Ahmanson building).

* Science Plaza - Exhibits outside the main entrance.

* World of Life - Explores the science of life in five galleries.

* Creative World - Highlights technology in transportation, communications and structures. Features include a virtual reality exhibit where you can play

* sports using virtual reality, an earthquake simulator and other exhibits.

* Special Exhibits gallery - Exhibits in this room have included a Titanic exhibit, a magic exhibit, a toy exhibit, and the widely known human body exhibit.

* ExploraStore - Store specializing in scientific and educational items.

* IMAX theater - Seven-story IMAX screen, largest in Los Angeles.

* Phase I was completed and opened in 1998.


Phase II

* SKETCH Foundation Gallery, Air and Space ExhibitsNew parking structure with surrounding gardens.

* Renovate the historic Armory building into the new Science Center School and Amgen Center for Science Learning.

* Air and Space Gallery renovation.

* Ecosystems.


Phase III

* Worlds Beyond - Planned.


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