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Disney Studios
Disney Studios


Disney Studios

The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California, United States, serve as the international headquarters for media conglomerate The Walt Disney Company. The Walt Disney Studio's house offices for each of the company's divisions along with creative spaces designed for movie production. The Walt Disney Company is the last remaining Big Ten company to remain independent from a mother company. The Studios are also the only major film/animation studio not to run backlot tours.


Team Disney - The Michael D. Eisner Building

Formally known as the Team Disney Burbank building, it is the main building located at The Walt Disney Studios. Completed in 1990 and designed by Michael Graves, The Team Disney Burbank building contains the office of President and CEO Robert A. Iger, as well as the boardroom for the Board of Directors. It also houses offices for members of Senior Management, such as Rich Ross, Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, Thomas O. Staggs, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Andy Bird, Chairman of Walt Disney International. Prior to the opening of the Team Disney Burbank building in 1990, Disney executives were located in the old Disney Animation Building. Disney artists and animators were relocated into warehouses in Pasadena. The building is sometimes called the "Seven Dwarfs Building"; it has a stunning fascia of the seven dwarfs holding up the roof of the building, an homage to the animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which provided Walt Disney with the revenue to purchase the Burbank lot. The building is located opposite the Frank G. Wells building, Eisner's former colleague, and President of The Walt Disney Company from 1984–1994. In 1996 the building was featured in Hollywood Pictures film Spy Hard. On January 23, 2006, in honor of Michael Eisner's 21-year leadership of the company, the Team Disney building was rededicated as Team Disney - The Michael D. Eisner Building.

The Disney Legends Plaza

The Disney Legends plaza, located between the Team Disney: The Michael D. Eisner building and the Frank G. Wells building, is the central hub for the Disney Legends award and pays homage to its recipients. The plaza features the Partners statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, designed by Imagineer Blaine Gibson, along with a replica statue of Roy O. Disney and Minnie Mouse which can also be found at the Magic Kingdom park. Located on the pillars in the plaza are bronze plaques featuring receivers of the Disney Legends award. The plaques feature the recipient's name, reason for gaining the award, and the person's hand prints and signature if they were alive at the time they received the award. Most famously, Legendary Animator and Imagineer, Ward Kimball's plaque features an extra finger, a reminder of Kimball's sense of humour. If, however, the award was presented posthumously, an image of the Disney Legends statue is engraved instead of the traditional hand prints and signature. The plaza formerly featured a small fountain to honor the legends but has since been removed due to water leakage.

Frank G. Wells Building

Dedicated to the former President of The Walt Disney Company from 1984–1994, Frank G. Wells. The building opened in 1998 and was dedicated by Wells' widow Luanne Wells, and company CEO Michael Eisner. The 5 story building has a usable area of 240,518 square feet (22,344.9 m2) with three underground parking levels, accommodating 600 parking spaces. The construction was completed in two phases: phase I in August 1997 and phase II in July 1998. The Frank G. Wells building was specifically designed for Walt Disney Television Animation, and the division has offices located on the third floor. It is distinctly recognizable through its giant movie reel and film strip on the building's exterior. The building is also home to the Walt Disney Archives, Walt Disney Television, ABC Studios offices, The Disney University, management offices, HR department and the Multi-Plane camera. The Walt Disney Archives is located on the ground floor and is open to all cast members. The archives also has additional storage and restricted areas on other floors. The Studio's Starbucks Coffee shop is also located on the ground floor.

Animation Building

The former main Animation building was built and completed in 1940 and designed by Ken Webber. Walt Disney personally supervised with the 'double H' design, ensuring as many rooms as possible had windows, allowing natural light into the building to help the animators while working. Walt Disney had 2 offices within the building, known as his 'formal' and 'working offices'. The rooms were used after Walt's death in 1966, and personal items archived in 1970. It is believed that Walt would have wanted his offices to be reused. The rooms still feature some original features and are currently being used by company officials. Members of Walt Disney's Nine Old Men, would have had their offices with in this building, along with legendary animators such as Eyvan Earl, Mary Blair, Andres Deja, Floyd Norman, John Lasseter, Glenn Keane, John Musker and Ron Clements. Production was moved from the Animation Building into warehouses located in Pasadena, during the late 1980s. Prior to the opening of the Team Disney Burbank building in 1990, Disney Executives used the Animation Building as corporate offices. In 1995, animation production was relocated back to the Burbank Studio with the opening of the Walt Disney Feature Animation Building, and some offices with in the original Animation Building.

The Roy O. Disney Building

The Roy O. Disney building is located next to the animation building and held the office of Roy O. Disney to whom the building is dedicated. The building used to be the main administration building on the studio lot prior to the opening of the Team Disney - The Michael D. Eisner building. It still houses multiple corporate offices.


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